All of our students have unique goals and reasons for continuing their education and we wanted to hear from them. We asked our students to submit a short prompt telling us why adult education matters to them. Read below the winning prompts and all the wonderful submissions from our students.

1st Place Winner – Funmilayo Aromire, ABE Student 

Education is very important to me.
Education is a necessity.
Education makes me have confidence in myself.
Reading and writing are very important. Everybody does not have the opportunity to be educated. The Learning Center has given me the opportunity.

2nd Place Winner – Jonathan Bustamante, ABE Student 

Most people have their own opinion as to why Adult Education is important. First and foremost, Adult Education matters to me because it is what separates us from the animals. Intelligence, the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills. One needs to build a firm foundation for a solid future.

Second, I want to be an example for my children. I wouldn’t be a good father if I could not help my own children with their homework. So I must lead by example. Put my pride aside and return to the classroom.

Another reason is, I would like to be able to apply for higher-paying jobs that require H.S. Diploma or a G.E.D. Certificate. Nobody wants to be stuck being paid minimum wage when they can make more money. Proof of education is very important to your future.

Finally, I personally would like to be able to communicate effectively with intellectual people on their level of intelligence.

3rd Place Winner – Leydi Sosa, Spanish Literacy Student 

My name is Leydi Sosa. I am a mother of 3 girls. I came to this country and could not read or write. I felt bad for that reason. I felt like a blind person, there was no light. I decided to attend Spanish literacy classes and there was light in my life. I learned to read and write. Now I have a job and I can help my colleagues. Adult Education is very important.


Louise Kabore – ABE Student (Winner of the Chicago Citywide Literacy Coalition Writing Contest)

Education is the process of facilitating learning or the acquisition of knowledge, skill values, morals, and habits.

Indeed, education is important since it helping to acquire some knowledge. It helps us to cope with changes in the world. In other words, adult education is crucial to success because if you are educated you can easily find a job that you like and a well pay.

Adult education is wealth for your family since children learn almost everything from their parents. Adults’ education matters to use because it helps create a healthy relationship in our environment to be more productive.

Minerva Rosado – ABE Student

Adult education matters to me because it’s given me the opportunity to achieve goals that I never knew I could even set, let alone accomplish.

Gloria Crosby – ABE Student

Many people have different opinions about why Adult Education is important. Adult Education matters to me. First, because I need this education to secure gainful employment. Secondly, I want to experience personal achievement. I want to fulfill the emptiness in my heart. Moreover, I want to experience closure. Finally, my children would be very happy to see me achieve.

Dora Sanchez – ABE Student

Adult Education matters to me because it will give me more opportunities to go further in my education. I’ve always wanted to be a nurse. Adult Education opens my mind and my horizon. Receiving my Adult Education diploma will also give me more opportunities.

Kenyetta Townsel – ABE Student

Adule Education is important to me because you are never too old to learn. Education is important to every aspect of our lives in this world who, or what you achieve without education. Education matters to our young people. Good Public Schools give them the tools they need, education can give you fulfilling lives and hope, joyful lives to be strong and contributing citizens. And to compete in a challenging, global economy, where perhaps now more than ever education is a key opportunity and success.

Maria Villa – Spanish Literacy Student

I am Maria Villa I have 4 children. Adult education is very important to me. Thanks to these classes I can help my children. I can read stories to my 7-year-old son. I have more confidence and I feel more secure when I go to the supermarket. Adult education is a very important support for those of us who did not have the opportunity to study as children. Now I can see the light.

Catalina Torres – Spanish Literacy Student

My name is Catalina Torres. I am the mother of Lidia and Evelin. Adult Education is very important to me because I couldn’t read nor write but thanks to my classes I can now read and write. I can fill out a form when I go to the doctor. I can fill out job applications. I go outside with more confidence. Adult education classes are important.

Francisco Garcia – ESL Student

La experiencia o sabiduría del viejo debe ser transmitida a los jóvenes, para su desarrollo y buen comportamiento, los consejos del viejo debe ser aprovechados por la gente joven así se formarán también en adultos sanos y capaces de enseñar a los próximos jóvenes.

The experience or wisdom of the old must be transmitted to the young, for their development and good behavior, the advice of the old must be used by young people so they will also be formed into healthy adults capable of teaching the next young people.

Patricia Thompson – ABE Student

When I am in school the teachers help me. I wish can be with them forever. I have a lot of fun in the class. I learn a lot when I am in school. The teachers understand me. I like my teacher a lot. I wish I could come to class every day. My teacher is a good teacher to me and I love how she teaches.

Doris Aguirre – ESL Student

With the heart of a warrior, even though late I learned to read a newspaper that I found out there, the bread of knowledge empowers your life. To learn is the light of my life.

Cassandra Ahmed

I came to The Learning Center to study to get my Hi-Set Certificate. I’ve been here for some time through faith and prayers, I will be a continuing student until I get what I came here for. No matter how long it takes! I also like our instructors, the tutors, and the office staff. They all show support, concern, and safety.